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Tailwind pushing us forward

2022-01-13, by
Achim Rolle

There are few technologies that change as often as web frontend tools, libraries and technologies in the recent years.

With a focus on web development at AOE we have been on the bleeding edge ever since, evaluating and understanding what technologies bring us forward.

These days, Tailwind CSS is really pushing us forward, by making things easy and accessible for everyone.

Frontend Development at AOE

How does Tailwind CSS differ from classic CSS frameworks, or just plain reset.css and custom classes? Tailwind shines with to aspects:

First, we get to focus on what CSS is designed to do. There are no buttons, no popups, only raw classes with minimal and well-defined features. Want to define a padding? Set class="p-8". Want to decrease that? Change to class="p-4". Easy, right?

Second, Tailwind only compiles required classes, not everything. By statically analysing your code Tailwind ensures no useless classes are bundled, making sure that you always bring the bare minimum.

Being so simple with such a clear API, Tailwind even allows people with very little experience in frontend development to implement and adjust necessary components without breaking the whole design.

Did you notice? This website is built using Tailwind too!

Feeling adventurous? Try Tailwind together with React, and render everything on the server side using Remix. Now you’ll feel the whole speed of what’s possible on the web!

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