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🍽 Savory Meals

2022-06-27, by
Chetan Thapliyal

Meals, as the name suggests, is an application to manage meals. It was developed at AOE to manage employee lunch meals. What initially started as a small tool has now grown in to a mature and enterprise ready application, and it’s still growing. It’s been open source ever since, and we love to share it.

AOE Meals

So, what can it do?

  • Create and manage meal plans
  • Book meals
  • Cancel, or offer booked meal to others
  • Guest booking
  • Accounting
  • Show history of consumed meals and payments
  • Online payment for consumed meals via PayPal
  • Send notifications for last minute meals and weekly menu (Slack and Mattermost)
  • Classical, as well as OAuth based user authentication


Hosted Environment


  • PHP >= 7.4
  • MySQL Database
  • Node JS
  • Yarn
  • Mercure-Hub >= v0.13


A major part of the application can be configured via environment variables located in the .env file. If setting environment variable is not an option, like in shared web hosting, then create a file and configure them there.


  1. Install application dependencies

    composer install
  2. Create database schema

    bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate -n
  3. Generate static assets

    cd src\Resources && yarn build


A pre-built cloud installation image of meals can be found in docker hub. It is automatically updated whenever new features, security or bug fixes are introduced.

The application configuration is same as in the hosted environment. However, no setup is required here.

Sounds delicious, but I like extra topping.

Not a problem. You can download the source code from Github on your local machine. The development environment is configured using docker and ddev, so these must be pre-installed. After this, just one command

make run-devbox

and voila! you have a fully configured ready to use development environment.

Bon Appétit! :)

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