❤️ Open Source

Loving Open Source

2022-02-10, by
Daniel Pötzinger

At AOE our most valuable asset is our experience with building complex enterprise applications to shape companies digital transformation, so why do we care about Open Source at all? We grow by learning on new impulses, not by locking ourselves into our comfort zone.

Working as a Team

That’s why we believe in Open Source as a chance to steadily keep learning from each other, beyond our companies boundaries.

Over the past 20 years AOE’s people were always heavily involved in all kinds of Open Source projects, as users, contributors, maintainers. Beyond code we keep organizing community meetups, share experiences on conferences and strive towards an open exchange about new topics, technologies and tools.

Take a look on our AOE Technology Radar if you are interested on technologies we find promising or have adopted in the recent years, and learn more why and how we decide on our tech stack. Of course, you find the source code on Github as well, check it out and build your own radar if you like.

AOE is a leading global provider of services for digital transformation and digital business models. AOE relies exclusively on established Enterprise Open Source technologies. This leads to innovative solutions, digital products and portals in agile software projects, and helps build long-lasting, strategic partnerships with our customers.